All proceeds from this online webinar will go to FoodShare Toronto and Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation

An Opportunity to Advance in a Time of Distress

The current COVID-19 pandemic has sent markets in flux and pushed our global economies into distress. Governments are looking for solutions to stop the spread, businesses are doing whatever they can to keep employees safe while retaining profits margins, and central banks are working to stabilize markets by injecting new money into circulation. The world is collectively facing many challenges with the need to focus on our health, our families and our communities.

Looking forward, this unforeseen pandemic has shown us that many of the ways we work, communicate and govern systems are highly fragile. This crisis has highlighted the need for self-sufficiency in local economies in order to create stability. We are at an inflection point of change, as we see our current systems falter, we expect to see both technological and social changes emerge from this pandemic.

Informal Systems and Penrose Partners are coming together to discuss the Past, Present, and Future of the Global Financial System in the context of this global pandemic. They will be discussing what we can learn from this global crisis and how blockchain technologies may improve our societies and drive change in the future.

Based in Toronto, the teams behind Penrose Partners and Informal Systems have been researching and building blockchain technology for years, and will be sharing their insights on how blockchain technologies can help bring change into our current government, business and social systems.

Topics of this webinar will include:

Monetary System of the Recent Past

Present Monetary System Solutions

Future of the Monetary System

Key Details:

When: April 29, 2020 12-1:30pm EST

Price: $20 USD toward FoodShare Toronto & Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation

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About Informal & Penrose

Informal Systems is composed of world-class researchers and engineers with expertise in distributed systems and formal verification. The team has been a core contributor to the Cosmos Network and is now expanding use cases of their research and development to enterprise. The mission of Informal Systems is to bring verifiability to distributed systems and organizations.

Ethan Buchman, CEO of Informal Systems, was co-founder of the Cosmos Project. Prior to Informal, he was the Technical Director at the Interchain Foundation and was co-founder/CTO of Tendermint Inc. He currently serves as Vice-President of the Interchain Foundation. Ethan Buchman is also a mentor at the University of Toronto’s Creative Destruction Lab where he sits alongside academic leaders advising on the technical components of blockchains and other distributed systems.

Complementing the technical expertise of Informal, is Penrose Partners. An emerging technology-focused advisory firm with a team of blockchain technology experts that work with startups and multinational enterprises to implement distributed systems today. Penrose brings top-quality products and opportunities to light by bridging the gaps between startups, governments and all traditional businesses. By developing relationships between these groups, Penrose helps shape and scale innovative blockchain startups into high-calibre technology companies.

Kerem Kolcuoglu, is a Founding Partner at Penrose Partners and the CMO at Mantle Technology. He is also a Blockchain Advisor for the Canadian Technology Accelerators and a Founding Board Member of The Bermuda Technology & Innovation Association. As one of first academic researchers of blockchain in Canada, he focused on blockchain and digital identity research for the Information Systems department at McMaster’s DeGroote School of Business where he now continues to guest lecture on blockchain technology at the undergraduate, MBA and Executive MBA level. Kerem also led the research, development and launch of the first blockchain courses at the Kerala Blockchain Academy (KBA). The KBA is an initiative of the Government of Kerala in India, under the Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management.

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