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Our Work

Our work has three themes, reflecting the three key aspects of our mission: verifiable, systems, and organizations.


We make formal verification technology more accessible by developing tools and processes to improve the quality and experience of software engineering. We believe that accessible specification languages, powerful solvers, and toolkits for integrating with modern software can transform our ability to build and maintain critical, trusted systems.


We are a core developer of the Cosmos Network, where we focus on sovereign, interoperable technologies for more sustainable communities. We believe that system scaling is as much a social problem as it is a technical one, and that fixing the exploitative monetization of the internet may require a renewed understanding of money itself.


We are structured as a worker cooperative, organized around a collaborative web of workflows. We believe in a more sustainable form of technological organization that nurtures its employees and improves its society.



Approach the world with open curiosity


Research, experiment, measure, validate


Balance planning and improvisation


Psychological safety first


Help others help you, recursively


Responsibility is for the taking


Push boundaries, raise the bar

Workers Coop

We are a worker-owned organization, composed of a diverse group of people from around the world. Join us!

Portrait of Aaron Wright

Aaron Wright

Aaron is a User Experience (UX) / User Interface (UI) Engineer at Informal, working to bring our incredible technologies to more people through intuitive interfaces. Addicted to taming complexity, the…

Portrait of Adi Seredinschi

Adi Seredinschi

Adi is a Research Engineer focused on Distributed Systems at Informal. He likes understanding and building distributed systems, making them faster and more resilient. Despite knowing that time is an…

Portrait of Anca Zamfir

Anca Zamfir

Anca is a Software Engineer focused on Distributed Systems at Informal. She works on protocol specification and development. Besides blockchain technology, Anca likes skiing, swimming and painting.

Portrait of Andrey Kuprianov

Andrey Kuprianov

Andrey is a Principal Research Engineer focusing on developing practical verification methods and tools. He strives to make computer systems reliable by combining simplicity and elegance of design with bug-fixing…

Portrait of Andy Nogueira

Andy Nogueira

Andy is a Developer Advocate and Software Engineer at Informal. He believes that creating successful ecosystems is a combination of getting the right people and groups working together in a…

Portrait of Arianne Flemming

Arianne Flemming

Arianne is COO at Informal focusing on overseeing company operations and procedures. She believes that value should be shared among those who create it. Outside of work you’ll find her…

Portrait of Daniel Cason

Daniel Cason

Daniel is a Researcher at Informal working to align the specification and implementation of Tendermint protocols. He received his MSc and PhD in Computer Science from the University of Campinas…

Portrait of Daniel Tisdall

Daniel Tisdall

Daniel is a research engineer at Informal who works on developing tools that make verification effective and easy for developers. He believes that applying formal methodologies is the key to…

Portrait of Ethan Buchman

Ethan Buchman

Ethan is CEO at Informal. He sees consensus algorithms as a 21st century means for promoting social cohesion. He is driven to empower humans with new ways to coordinate and…

Portrait of Gabriela Moreira

Gabriela Moreira

Gabriela is a Research Engineer at Informal focusing on tooling around TLA+ and Apalache. They believe that formal methods can liberate developers from the responsibility of having to think of…

Portrait of Giuseppe Littera

Giuseppe Littera


Portrait of Greg Szabo

Greg Szabo

Greg is Infrastructure and Security Lead at Informal. He leads infrastructure projects that build tools and services for Informal and the Cosmos ecosystem. He believes that using IT infrastructure should…

Portrait of Igor Konnov

Igor Konnov

Igor is a Principal Scientist at Informal. He believes that computer-aided verification is up to the challenges of finding bugs in industrial consensus protocols and proving their correctness. Igor focuses…

Portrait of Ivan Gavran

Ivan Gavran

Ivan works on model-based testing as a way of improving the way we engineer distributed systems. More broadly, Ivan is interested in getting machines to understand us humans better. When…

Portrait of Jasmina Malicevic

Jasmina Malicevic

Jasmina is a Software Engineer at Informal working on Tendermint. She loves to do research that can be applied and empirically evaluated. That is why she pursued a PhD in…

Portrait of Jehan Tremback

Jehan Tremback

Jehan is Cosmos Hub Lead at Informal, where he works on exciting new features for the Cosmos Hub. Previously, he helped design and build the Gravity Cosmos-Ethereum bridge, and before…

Portrait of Jelena Djuric

Jelena Djuric

Jelena is Product Marketing Manager at Informal Systems, focused on building a community around Informal’s suite of products and services through narrative building, marketing, & biz dev. She loves to…

Portrait of Jon Sparks

Jon Sparks

Jon is a Cosmos Security Engineer. He hails from the world of big financial tech. He focuses on securing environments, and making them safe for all (except attackers). Outside of…

Portrait of Josef Widder

Josef Widder

Josef is a Principal Scientist at Informal and focuses on fault-tolerant distributed protocols, their formal specification, and their automated verification. Josef believes in math and logic. He enjoys Yoga, all…

Portrait of Joshua Jeffrey

Joshua Jeffrey

Joshua is the Cephalopod community manager at Informal Systems. His mission is to connect ecosystems and build communities. He believes that open-source blockchain technology empowers communities with tools to drive…

Portrait of Juan Beccuti

Juan Beccuti

Juan is an Economics Researcher at Informal, focusing on incentives in blockchain protocols, markets, and applications. His main interests and expertise are mechanism design, contest theory, auctions, and platform economics….

Portrait of Jure Kukovec

Jure Kukovec

Jure is a Verification Engineer at Informal, based in Vienna. As part of his doctoral work, he co-lead the design and development of the Apalache model checker for TLA+. He…

Portrait of Manuel Bravo

Manuel Bravo

Manuel Bravo is a Researcher at Informal Systems. Before joining Informal he was a postdoctoral fellow at the IMDEA Software Institute in Madrid, Spain. He got his Ph.D. from the…

Portrait of Marie Leaf

Marie Leaf

Marie works on product development to support local money and mutual credit systems. She cares about building resilient and equitable systems, that incentivize cooperation and sustainability.

Portrait of Marius Poke

Marius Poke

Marius is a Research Engineer at Informal and contributes to the cross-chain communication efforts, with a focus on shared security. He believes that blockchain technology is central in creating decentralized,…

Portrait of Mikhail Zabaluev

Mikhail Zabaluev

Mikhail is a Senior Software Engineer at Informal Systems. A widely experienced software engineer, Mikhail has been engaged with the Rust programming language since its pre-1.0 releases. After honing his…

Portrait of Mircea Colonescu

Mircea Colonescu

Mircea is an Infrastructure Engineer at Informal who works on operating networks for blockchain projects. Mircea is awesome at designing & implementing infrastructure solutions on many platforms and at breaking…

Portrait of Oshan Starreveld

Oshan Starreveld

Oshan is an Operations Manager at Informal. She comes from the world of performance and social art. She focuses on streamlining processes for those who use them. Outside of work…

Portrait of Paolo Dini

Paolo Dini

Paolo was born in Italy in 1961 and moved to the US with his family at age 16. He received a PhD in Aerospace Engineering from Penn State in 1990….

Portrait of Philippe Laferrière

Philippe Laferrière

Philippe is a Rust Engineer at Informal Systems. He has a background in system software as well as robotics and artificial intelligence. He is particularly interested in contributing to the…

Portrait of Preet Singh

Preet Singh

Preet is Design Lead at Informal working to setup the team’s design practice including people, design ops and our brand identity. He is a big believer and proponent of the…

Portrait of Raj Pakiyanathan

Raj Pakiyanathan

Raj is Group Finance Controller at Informal supporting, contributing and managing company accounting, finance and processes. He believes in the future of this technology and the impact this will have…

Portrait of Ranadeep Biswas

Ranadeep Biswas

Ranadeep is a Research Engineer at Informal based in Paris. He uses model-based testing to expose bugs in distributed systems. When not at work, he is usually hiking in nature…

Portrait of Rodrigo Otoni

Rodrigo Otoni

Rodrigo is a Research Engineer focusing on the Apalache model checker. He is interested in the use of formal methods for specification and verification of general programs as well as…

Portrait of Romain Ruetschi

Romain Ruetschi

Romain is a Software Engineer focused on Distributed Systems at Informal. He uses formal methods and programming language theory to build correct and resilient software. He’s a major contributor to…

Portrait of Sean Chen

Sean Chen

Sean is a Developer Relations Engineer at Informal. He helps to make the world of Cosmos, blockchains, and cryptocurrencies less complicated and more understandable. He’s an ardent evangelist of the…

Portrait of Sergio Mena

Sergio Mena

Sergio is a Research Engineer at Informal. He has two professional souls: research and engineering. As a researcher, his background is in distributed fault tolerance and congestion control for real-time…

Portrait of Shoaib Ahmed

Shoaib Ahmed

Shoaib is a Technical Project Lead at Informal. He has a background in embedded software development, and extensive experience with system programming and protocol development for blockchain light clients. He…

Portrait of Shon Feder

Shon Feder

Shon is a Software Engineer at Informal working to empower distributed cooperative organizations. He loves encoding thought into being by expressing theories as programs and he believes that forming kinder…

Portrait of Shonali Kagal

Shonali Kagal

Shonali is Talent and People Operations manager at Informal, overseeing all things related to people and culture. She believes in empowerment and growth of individuals in a fair society, driven…

Portrait of Simon Noetzlin

Simon Noetzlin


Portrait of Soares Chen

Soares Chen

Soares is a Rust engineer at Informal. He uses his knowledge in functional programming and programming language theory to build software that is correct and composable. Soares enjoys learning new…

Portrait of Tesnim Abdellatif

Tesnim Abdellatif

Tesnim Abdellatif is a Product Leader at Informal. Her mission is to create ergonomic, accessible, and robust verification tools to develop safe distributed systems. She believes that empathy is a…

Portrait of Thane Thomson

Thane Thomson

Thane is a Software Engineer, supporting and contributing to the development of plaintext tools at Informal. He believes that decentralization is one critical component of what makes a healthy society,…

Portrait of Thomas Pani

Thomas Pani

Thomas is a Research Engineer focusing on TLA+ tooling and the Apalache model checker. He strives to improve software quality, particularly in concurrent systems. As an avid learner, Thomas is…

Portrait of Tolulope Fakeye

Tolulope Fakeye

Tolu is a finance assistant at Informal. She works on the financial and accounting aspect of the company. She believes in the power of learning and continued development. Outside of…

Portrait of Tomaž Fleischman

Tomaž Fleischman

Tomaž is a Local Currency Developer at Informal. He believes Collaborative Finance will help us reach the sustainable goals. He enjoys walking, reading, gardening and skiing.

Portrait of Zarko Milosevic

Zarko Milosevic

Zarko is Chief Scientist and leads research efforts at Informal. He believes that specification and implementation should be in love, and strongly encourages techies to garden.

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