Rust Engineer - Cosmos

As a Rust Engineer in Cosmos, you will have the opportunity to contribute to and lead various aspects of this undertaking and work on core, open-source infrastructure at the heart of the emerging Internet of Blockchains.

Go Engineer - Cosmos Hub

As a Go Engineer for the Cosmos Hub, you will work on core components of the Cosmos Hub, including the Proof of Stake system, IBC, Shared Security, and other key features at the heart of the Internet of Blockchains.

Security Engineer - Cosmos

As a Security Engineer in Cosmos, you will work with teams across the stack on rigorous and high-caliber reviews, tools, processes, and testing regimes to guarantee the quality of the software and the security of the networks that run it.

Go Engineer - Cosmos Tooling

At Informal Systems, we use this software daily - we run a [Proof of Stake validator](, we make payments and other transactions, we test applications with advanced tools, and we build new production-grade components in Go and Rust. As a Go Engineer in Cosmos Tooling, you will have the opportunity to work with these teams across the stack, at the intersection of product, engineering, and devops, to deliver delightful and reliable user and developer experiences.

Research Engineer

The Research Engineer will serve as part of an interdisciplinary team applying scientific principles to discover, analyze, and design complex socio-technical and economic systems meeting high level descriptive goals using tools from an array of disciplines from multi-agent control to mechanism design. The Engineer is responsible for developing and documenting mathematical models based on requirements from internal and external stakeholders. The Engineer will use formal analysis techniques to design and refine economic models by characterizing evolutionary tendencies and attack vectors, as well as using stochastic process simulations to explore system trajectories and define practical bounds on system parameters. The Engineer will have opportunities to present work to technical and non-technical audiences, both publicly and privately.


As a Researcher at Informal, you will have the opportunity to design, formally specify and verify protocols that serve as critical infrastructure in the blockchain ecosystem. You will also be involved in the development of verification and testing approaches and tools, as well as in transferring your knowledge of protocol design to support development of correct and reliable systems.

Administrative Assistant

Are you an experienced Administrative Assistant looking to support a growing tech company? Are you seeking to apply yourself in an entrepreneurial, transparent, and global business? We’d like to hear from you!

Design Lead

We are looking for an experienced designer who is resourceful and willing to experiment, who is energized by the idea of creating something out of nothing. *We’ve designed the powerful car engine, now you get to design the exterior.*

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