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Interchain Conversations II: How TLA+ and Apalache Helped Us to Design the Tendermint Light Client

Igor Konnov, Principal Scientist at Informal talks about our Verification-Driven Development approach at Informal and our work to specify the Tendermint Light Client in English and TLA+. We show how TLA+ and Apalache helped us in understanding the protocol better. Importantly, the TLA+ specification and the model checking efforts enable model-based testing of the protocol implementations.

CSCON[0] Ethan Buchman - Free as in Banking

CEO of Informal Systems and co-founder of Cosmos, Ethan Buchman, talks about the history of central banking and the lessons the cryptocurrency and blockchain community can draw from a long history of centralized finance.

Model-Based Testing with TLA+ and Apalache

The TLA+ community hosted a virtual event to bring together practitioners and researchers to discuss the latest developments in TL+. Andrey Kuprianov, Research Engineer at Informal, and Igor Konnov, Principal Scientist, presented on Apalache - a symbolic model checker for TLA+. Check out the presentation, paper, and slides here.


Igor Konnov, Principal Scientist at Informal Systems, is the co-chair of CONCUR 2020, during QONFEST, a leading conference for formal verification enthusiasts.

RustConf 2020

Informal is a Gold Sponsor for this year’s RustConf2020. We are big fans of Rust, and have ongoing Rust projects including the Tendermint protocol and the InterBlockchain Communication (IBC) Protocol.


DISCOTEC is an academic conference on Distributed Computing Techniques. Principal Scientist, Igor Konnov, gave a tutorial on the Byzantine Model Checker.

Consensus 2020

Informal CEO, Ethan Buchman, presented a technical progress update and roadmap for Cosmos and an update on InterChain Foundation treasury management.