Our Products

Blockchain Infrastructure

We are a leading contributor to the Tendermint and Cosmos projects, focused on formally verifiable implementations in Rust.


The Tendermint blockchain system—a Byzantine Fault Tolerant state machine replication engine for applications written in any programming language.


The Interblockchain Communication (IBC) protocol—a protocol for secure, packet-based communication between distinct blockchains.

Formal Verification Tools

We develop tools for formal verification of distributed systems protocols and implementations.


A symbolic model checker for TLA+—formally verify TLA+ specifications for real-world distributed systems protocols and generate tests for software implementations.

Business Operations Tools

We develop tools to simplify business operations using practices from the open-source community, like distributed version control, plain-text data, and continuous integration.

Themis Contract

Contract templating and signing—generate, sign, and manage legal contracts from the command line.

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