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Informal Systems is a full-suite Research & Development institution. We offer basic and applied research, software development, consulting, and education, with a focus on formal verification, distributed systems, and blockchain technology.

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We work with clients on bold research problems at the intersection of formal verification and distributed systems, where our research team has made pioneering advances. We maintain active collaborations with leading scientists around the world, and regularly publish our research.

Whether developing a new verification technique, designing a new distributed system, or verifying the correctness of a blockchain consensus algorithm, we help make formal verification more accessible, and distributed systems more reliable, for organizations large and small.

Software Development

We develop high-value distributed systems infrastructure. Whether implementing a Byzantine Fault Tolerant consensus engine, a highly optimized light-client, or an interoperable blockchain network, we help develop correct and reliable software that can withstand the most adversarial conditions.

See our products for an overview of software we build and maintain.


We work with clients to understand and integrate the latest developments in blockchain technology and formal verification. We can help design and specify systems, audit and verify them for correctness, and apply new technologies in the most productive manner for your business.


We create customizable workshops for technical and executive clients according to their needs. Our workshop topics include Introduction to Blockchains, Tendermint & Cosmos, Distributed Systems, and Formal Verification.